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How to Disable V.34 Modulation on the Lexmark X560n MFP

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This article outlines the steps for disabling V.34 modulation on the Lexmark X560n MFP.

What is V.34 Modulation?

V.34 defines the modulation methods and operating sequences for a modem used on General Switched Telephone Networks (GSTNs) and on point-to-point two-wire leased telephone-type circuits.

Steps for Disabling V.34 Modulation

1Enter Service Mode (click here for instructions) and select Fax/Scanner Diag.
2Press thearrow until the * symbol is next to Parameter, and press OK.
3Using thearrow to change the value and the  arrow to change the digit, change the Chain Link number to 825-658. Press OK
4The value will be set to 01, indicating that it is enabled; change it to 00 and press OK.
5Press Stop three times.
6Select Complete, and press OK to save the values.
7Press OK to exit the Parameter menu; at this point the printer will restart and become ready for printing.

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