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X560 MFP Driver and Software File (.INF) Information

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Cannot install driver from Add Printer; Driver information


How to install through the Add Printer wizard; Inf list



The X560 MFP Software and Documentation CD contains .INF (information) files which may prove useful in the installation of the driver using the Microsoft Add Printer Wizard.  This article lists the INF files provided on the CD for the different operating systems and types of platform architecture.      

Information Files on the CD and Corresponding Folders (Driver Directory) 

Folders under the "Driver" Directory on the CD
.INF name
Additional Driver Information
(Open with Notepad.)
Windows 2K XP 03 Vista PCL > 32 bitlmxgbzi.inflmxgbzi32bit.txt
Windows 2K XP 03 Vista PCL > X_64_AMD 64 (bit)lmxgbzi.inflmxgbzi64bit.txt
Windows 2K XP 03 Vista PS > 32 bitlmacf5ei.inflmacf5ei32bitPS.txt
Windows 2K XP 03 Vista PS > X_64_AMD 64 (bit)lmacf5ei.inflmacf5ei64bitPS.txt

NOTE:  These information files are also available if the printer driver is downloaded from the web.

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