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How to Clear a '29x Scanner Jam' Message on the Lexmark X642e, X644e or X646e Multifunction Printer

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Paper jam; Scanner jam; Error code 290; 290 jam; 291 jam; 292 jam; 294 jam; 290; 291; 292; 294; 290 scanner jam; 291 scanner jam; 292 scanner jam; 294 scanner jam; Error: " 290.00 "; Error: " 290.01 "; Error: " 290.02 "; Error: " 290.10 "; Error: " 291.00 "; Error: " 291.01 "; Error: " 291.02 "; Error: " 292.00 "; Error: " 293.00 "; Error: " 294.00 "; Error: " 294.01 "; Error: " 294.02 "; Error: " 294.03 "; Error: " 295.03 "; Error: " 297.13 "; Error: " 297.14 "; Error: " 298.01 "; Error: " 298.02 "; 298.xx errors; 297.xx errors; 295.xx errors; 294.xx errors; 293.xx errors; 292.xx errors; 291.xx errors; 290.xx errors


Troubleshooting a "29x Scanner Jam" error


Explanation of the error message

The 29x Scanner Jam messages indicates that a piece of paper has been detected in the MFP's scanner path and needs to be removed.
CAUTION - HOT SURFACE! To reduce the risk of injury from a hot component, allow the surface to cool before touching it.

Recovery steps

 1Remove all documents from the ADF.                    No image
Open the ADF cover, and remove any jammed media.
NOTE: When removing a jammed sheet of paper from the ADF scanner, always open the ADF cover, then carefully remove any jammed pages. If the page does not come out easily, use the green wheel to advance the page, or lift the flatbed scanner cover and try to access the page from the bottom.

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Open the document cover, and remove any jammed media.

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Open the scan unit access door, and remove any jammed media.

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 5Close the scan unit access door and ADF cover.                    No image
 6Touch Continue.                    No image

If the issue continues

If 29x Scanner Jam messages continue to occur, check the following:
  • Confirm that the paper guides on the ADF are in the proper position to support the paper stack.

    1. Position the guides on the ADF tray to match the size of paper you plan to load into the ADF.
      NOTE: There are paper-size indicators stamped into the plastic on the ADF tray. Use these indicators to help position the paper-size guides.

    2. Load the paper into the ADF tray.
    3. Position the paper guides so that they lightly touch the sides of the paper, thus not allowing pages to shift when fed.
  • Examine the paper loaded into the ADF. Confirm that the paper is not damaged, creased or wrinkled, and remove any pages that are.
  • If you are loading more than one sheet of paper at a time into the ADF, remove the pages and fan them on all sides to help separate the sheets. Also, confirm that the pages are not stapled or paper-clipped together.
  • If the error displayed is a '290' type paper jam message (290.01, 290.02, etc.), the main pick roller may be misaligned. Reseating the pick arm assembly should correct this issue. For detailed directions on how to do this, click here.

Still have questions?

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for service you will need your printer model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating this information, click here.
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