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"Jam at Scanner/ Open ADF Cover R and Remove Paper" Message on the Lexmark X560n

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Jam at Scanner; Scanner jam; Jam at adf; ADF jam; Cover R jam; Remove paper; Scan jam


Troubleshooting a "Jam at Scanner" error


Explanation of the error message

If paper is jammed in the ADF, the printer will display Jam at Scanner

Recovery procedure

Remove all jammed paper, and make sure the feed tray is not overfilled. Follow these steps.
1Remove all paper from the paper feed tray, and then open the ADF cover.
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If the jam is in the paper feed area, remove the jammed paper by carefully pulling it up.

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3If the jam is at the paper exit area, turn the dial to remove the jammed paper. 
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 Close the ADF cover.

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5Open the scanner cover and remove any jammed paper from the paper feed area.
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6Close the scanner cover.
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When all the jammed paper is removed, you will see Return the Removed Original and Press Start on the printer display. 
Place the original document in the ADF, and then press Start to continue scanning.
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