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"ADF Jam: Open ADF Cover and Clear Jam" Message on the Lexmark X500/X502n Series Color Laser MFPs

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Scan jam; Paper jam; ADF jam; Open adf cover; Clear jam message; "ADF Jam: Open ADF Cover and Clear Jam"


"ADF Jam: Open ADF Cover and Clear Jam"  troubleshooting; X502 MFP



An "ADF Jam: Open ADF Cover and Clear Jam" error message indicates that the scanner has detected a paper jam in the ADF that needs to be removed.


Do not pull the jammed paper out until you lift the tension release lever that raises the pick roller assembly!
Do not pull the jammed paper out from the bottom of the ADF.

Troubleshooting steps

1Open the ADF cover.
Lift the tension release lever until it is in the up position.
CAUTION:  Do not completely remove the pick roller assembly.  Doing so repeatedly may cause damage to the ADF.
3Firmly grasp the paper and gently pull it out.
4Lower the tension release lever back into place until it locks.
5Close the ADF cover.
6Press .                                          No Image

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