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Unresponsive Device After Installation of MVP 11 Plug-In for C500n; Device Discovery Before Plug-in Installation and Reset Procedure

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Not responding; Discovered device not responding; One printer not responding; More than one device discovered; Two devices discovered; Dual devices; Double devices


How to install C500 plug-in


What you will see

An additional unresponsive device is found in the device discovery list after the correct plug-in for the C500n is implemented. (Click here for image.)   

Reproducing the problem

1.  Perform a device discovery.
2.  Install the plug-in for the printer, i.e. MVP_ABN_SUPPORT_11.
3.  Restart the MVP server.
4.  Go to Action > Refresh Devices.
5.  Press the Refresh Printer(s) button.


Another device is listed; however, the original discovered item is no longer responding and the newly discovered device responds to all tasks.

Explanation and Resolution

The C500n plug-in, MVP_ABN_SUPPORT_11, was not installed prior to the device discovery. 
Restart MVP server twice and delete the unresponsive IP/device.

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