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Scan-to-PC Files Not Appearing in Destination Directory within Windows Vista; IE 7 'Protected Mode' Prevents Writing to Destination Folders

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No file; Missing file; File missing; Scan failure; PC  scan failure


How to scan using Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows Vista; X632e MFP; X502 MFP; X350d MFP; X502 MFP; X350d MFP; X34x Family; X34x Family


What you will see

When performing a Scan-to-PC from IE 7 within Window Vista, the scanned image file cannot be found in the configured/determined destination directory. The MFP(D) and Java-based listener show no signs of failure.  


Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista protects users from malicious web attacks using a low, medium, and high integrity hierarchy. When in protected mode, IE 7 (a low integrity process) cannot write to high integrity mandated locations; however, IE 7 can write to folders, files, and registry keys that have been assigned a low integrity mandatory label - the new low integrity Temporary Internet files folder, History folder, Cookies folder, Favorites folder, and Windows temp(orary) folders. For a comprehensive explanation of "Protected Mode", click here.  
Illustration found under Tools > Internet Options > Security tab.


There are three solutions to this issue:
  • - Under Tools > Internet Options > Security, turn OFF 'Protected Mode' for each of the affected zones. IE 7 will then function similarly to previous versions of Internet Explorer.
  • - Under Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites button, add your your printer's URL (http://mfp_ip_address, where mfp_ip_address is the IP address of the printer) to the list of Trusted sites and click AddNOTE:  MFD host name name entry is optional.
  • - Write to one of the above-mentioned folders that is considered to have a low mandatory integrity level, i.e. temporary Internet files folder, History folder, Cookies folder, Favorites folder and Windows temporary folders. 

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