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A "Check Duplex" Paper Jam Message Is Appearing on a Lexmark T64x Series (T640, T642, T644) or an X64xe Series Printer

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Duplex option


What you will see

The printer is displaying a Check Duplex paper jam message. The accompanying numeric error code will be in the range between 230 and 239.

What the error means

A sheet of paper or other print media has jammed in the duplex option.

Clearing the paper jam

Select Show areas on the printer's operator panel to view images that will help you locate the jam. If you cannot locate the jam this way, or the Paper Jam message does not clear after removing the jammed page, follow the directions below.
NOTE: The images in the table below show the Lexmark T640/642/644 model. However, these directions will apply to the X642, X644 and X646 models as well.
Step Action Image  
Open the duplex tray and look into the duplex unit. Remove any jammed paper or other obstructions you find.

For a larger image, click here.
Open the duplex rear door.

For a larger image, click here.
Remove any jammed paper or other obstructions you find here.

Depending on the location of the jammed page, carefully pull the page either up or down when removing it.

For larger images, click here
  4 Close the duplex rear door and reinsert the duplex tray.

IMPORTANT! Make sure the duplex rear door snaps into place and is completely closed. If the rear door is not completely closed, it can cause the paper to jam.

If this print job consisted of more than one page, there are probably other pages stuck elsewhere in the printer.

  • Open the lower and upper front covers and remove the toner cartridge. Remove any jammed paper or other obstructions you find here.
  • Open the rear door. Remove any jammed paper or other obstructions you find here.
  • Click here for images.
  6 Once the entire paper path is clear, close all doors and covers. Press the  button or Continue to continue printing.


 If the jamming continues 

If the paper jams continue to occur, try the following suggestions:

  • If the error is something other than a duplex paper jam, use the Show areas feature on the printer operator panel to view images that will help you locate and clear the jam. If you cannot locate any jammed media and the paper jam errors continue, the printer will likely require service to correct the issue. For information on arranging repair service, contact Lexmark Technical Support or an authorized service center. See 'Contacting Lexmark' at the end of this document.
  • If duplex paper jam errors continue to occur every time you try to print, clear the jammed paper from the duplex and power off the printer. Then try the following:

      • Remove the duplex tray and open the duplex rear door again. Carefully inspect the area inside the duplex option and make sure there are no small pieces of paper stuck inside. For example, look for any small slivers of paper wrapped around any of the rollers inside.
      • Make sure none of the parts inside the duplex option appear broken. If any parts do appear damaged, the duplex option will likely need to be serviced or replaced. IMPORTANT! The duplex unit is an option. If you cannot correct the issue, you can choose to remove the duplex option from the printer and continue using the printer without it installed.
      • If nothing appears to be jammed or damaged in the duplex option, power off the printer and try reseating the duplex option. This may realign the duplex option with the printer. For information on how the duplex option connects to the printer, click here.
      • Make sure the printer/duplex is sitting on a sturdy, level surface.
      • Are you printing on plain copy paper? If not, try printing again with plain copy paper. This will eliminate any special media as part of the cause of the jamming, even if the special media has worked in the past. Certain specialty papers, letterhead stock, and card stock are more prone to jamming in the duplex option. 

        Certain media types (envelopes, transparencies, as well as any sort of labels) should not be fed through the duplex option. For more information on paper types recommended for use with the duplex option, please refer to the printer's User's Guide.
      • If the jamming continues but only when you are printing on both the front and back of the page, the duplex option will probably need to be replaced. If it is still under warranty, contact Lexmark Technical Support or your warranty service provider to get it replaced. See 'Contacting Lexmark' at the end of this document for information. IMPORTANT! The duplex unit is an option. You can choose to remove it from the printer and continue using the printer without it.


Contacting Lexmark

When contacting Lexmark for assistance with your printer, please be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing and any troubleshooting steps already taken. You will also need to know the printer's model/machine type and serial number (SN). This information can be found on a label located on the inside of the printer, under the upper front cover. Click here for further details.

NOTE: When calling Lexmark Technical Support, please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a troubleshooting task on the printer.

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