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Scanned Text is Too Light in Mixed Mode

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Scanned text is too light in mixed mode; Poor quality scanning


"Mixed mode" on the Lexmark MFPs was designed for documents containing both text and images. In this mode, the MFP attempts to print text that is as dark as possible, while preserving grayscale capabilities for images.  Print server firmware 5.19.xx and earlier attempted to produce text at the same level of contrast as images.


Firmware 5.20.xx and later contains some improvements to "mixed mode". The MFP attempts to copy text at the darkest level possible without interfering with the grayscale capabilities for images.
To download the latest firmware for this adapter:
  1. Click here and select Drivers & Downloads.  
  2. Select Network Adapters from the list of products and choose the MarkNet N2501e.
  3. Click on Firmware and then click on the file to download it.

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