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Part or All of the Page Comes Out Black on a Lexmark 250d(n), E350d, E352dn, or E450dn Printer

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Black pages; Leaking toner; Print quality issue; Whole page is black


What you will see

All, or a large part, of the printed page will be completely black. See the image below for an example.


Possible causes

  • The toner cartridge and the photoconductor unit may not be installed correctly.

  • The Toner Darkness setting may be too dark. It may be necessary to adjust it to a lighter setting.

  • The Brightness setting may be too high. It may be necessary to adjust it to a lower setting.

  • The Contrast setting may be too high. It may be necessary to adjust it to a lower setting.

  • On Macintosh computers, the lines per inch (lpi) setting may be too high in the software application.

  • The media being used may be causing the issue. Confirm that you are printing on plain copy paper.

  • The toner cartridge or the photoconductor unit may be defective.

  • The printer may require service.

Reseat the toner cartridge and photoconductor unit

A loose connection between the toner cartridge, the photoconductor unit, and the printer can cause pages to exit the printer covered partially or fully by toner.
 Step Action Image
   1 Turn the printer off. N/A
   2 Press the button on the left side of the printer and open the front door.
Remove the print cartridge assembly.

  1. Grasp the toner cartridge handle and pull it up and out.  NOTE: Do not press the button on the front of the print cartridge assembly yet.

  2. Place the print cartridge assembly on a flat, clean surface.
Separate the toner cartridge from the photoconductor unit.

  1. Press the button on the base of the print cartridge assembly.

  2. Grasp the toner cartridge handle, and pull the cartridge up and out.
Make sure the toner cartridge and the photoconductor unit are not damaged.

  • If either unit shows any signs of damage, please replace it.
If both pieces appear fine, reinstall the toner cartridge into the photoconductor unit.

  1. Align the white rollers on the toner cartridge with the white arrows on the tracks of the photoconductor. 

  2. Push the toner cartridge in as far as it will go. It should click into place when correctly installed.

For a enlarged view, click here.
Install the print cartridge assembly back into the printer.

  1. Align the green arrows on the guides of the print cartridge assembly with the green arrows on the tracks in the printer. 

  2. Push the print cartridge assembly in as far as it will go.
   8 Close the front door.
   9 Power on the printer and try printing again.


Check the Toner Darkness, Brightness, and Contrast settings

If the issue continues, the Toner Darkness setting may be too high. Select a lighter setting in the printer driver and try sending the job to the printer again.
Depending on the printer model, the default Toner Darkness setting can be changed on the printer by using the Local Printer Utility program or in the Quality Menu on the printer operator panel: NOTE: The default toner darkness setting is 8.

  • On the E250d and E250dn models, this setting can be changed using the Local Printer Settings Utility program.

  • On the E350d and E352dn models, enter the printer menus using the operator panel on the printer. Look under QUALITY MENU.

  • On the E450dn, enter the printer menus using the operator panel on the printer. Look under Settings, then select Quality Menu

If changing the Toner Darkness setting does not correct the issue, please check the Brightness and Contrast settings as well. Like the Toner Darkness setting, these two settings can be changed in the printer driver, using the Local Printer Utility program (E250d, E250dn), or in the Quality Menu on the printer operator panel (E350d, E352dn, E450dn). 

  • The default Brightness setting is 0. If the current Brightness setting is higher than this, select a lower brightness setting and try printing again.  

  • The default Contrast setting is 0. If the current Contrast setting is higher than this, select a lower contrast setting and try printing again.

Print on plain copy paper

Certain specialty papers, letterhead stock, label stock, and light card stock do not allow toner to adhere as well as plain paper. This is especially true of textured media or media with a rough surface.
If you are not already doing so, try printing with plain 20 - 24 lb copy paper. You should try this even if the paper you are currently using has worked in the past. This will eliminate any special print media as the cause of the problem.

Contact Lexmark

If none of the above suggestions resolves the issue, the printer may require service. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service center for additional assistance.
When calling Lexmark Technical Support for service, please be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing or the error message on the display. You will also need to provide your printer's model type and serial number. This information can be found on a label on the inside of the front cover of the printer. 
Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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