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A Fuser Error Is Appearing on a Lexmark E250d(n), E350d, E352dn, or E450dn Printer

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Error: " 920 "; Error: " 921 "; Error: " 922 "; Error: " 923 "; Error: " 924 "; Error: " 925 "; 920.00 Fuser error; 920.01 Fuser error; 920.02 Fuser error; 920.03 Fuser error; 920.04 Fuser error; 920.05 Fuser error; 920.06 Fuser error; 920.07 Fuser error; 920.08 Fuser error; 920.20 Fuser error; 921.00 Fuser error; 921.01 Fuser error; 922.00 Fuser error; 922.01 Fuser error; 922.05 Fuser error; 922.07 Fuser error; 922.08 Fuser error; 922.09 Fuser error; 922.20 Fuser error; 922.21 Fuser error; 923.00 Fuser error; 923.01 Fuser error; 924.00 Fuser error; 924.01 Fuser error; 924.02 Fuser error; 925.01 Fuser error; 92x Fuser Errors; 920.xx errors; 921.xx errors; 922.xx errors; 923.xx errors; 924.xx errors; 925.xx errors; All lights flashing; Error light on


What the error means

A Fuser error message indicates that the fuser unit in the printer is not at the proper temperature for printing.
NOTE: On the E250d(n) models, all service errors are signified by all of the lights flashing. To determine if this is a fuser error, double-click the   button to see the secondary code. If the  and   lights are the only ones blinking, this indicates a fuser, fan, or toner sensor error. For more information on deciphering the error lights, click here (PDF file, 255KB).

Clearing the error

Step Action
  1 If this is the first time you have seen the error, turn the printer off. 
  2 Leave the printer powered off for 10 seconds or more before turning it back on. This gives the printer a chance to reset.
Power the printer back on. If the printer goes to the Ready state, try printing again. If the error does not return, continue using the printer.
If the fuser error returns when the printer is powered up or when you try to print again, follow the suggestions below.

Check the power source the printer is plugged into

If this is an intermittent error, you may want to check how the printer is plugged into the wall.  Make sure the printer is plugged straight into the wall and not through a surge device or power strip. Please try this even if the printer has been working correctly with this surge device. Power strips and uninterrupted power supplies can cause a low amperage problem, which can trigger a false fuser error.
You may also want to try plugging the printer into a different wall outlet and see if the fuser error continues. This will eliminate the power source as a possible cause for the issue.

If the error continues

If the fuser error does not clear, the printer will probably require service to correct the issue. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized servicer for assistance.
When calling Lexmark Technical Support for service, please be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing or the error message on the display. You will also need to provide your printer's model type and serial number. This information can be found on a label on the inside of the front cover of the printer. 
Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.

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