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"Not Connected" Status and IP Parameters Not Being Assigned on the X9350

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169.254.x.x; Not able to find printer; Not able to connect to network; Cannot connect to network; Unable to ping; Cannot ping; Ethernet connection not communicating; No IP address; No gateway; Incorrect netmask; Wrong IP address; Wrong gateway; Wrong subnet


Auto IP; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Microsoft Windows Vista


Before you begin

  • Connect your Ethernet cable to the printer's Ethernet port and the other end to an appropriate device such as a router, hub, switch or other.

  • Observe that the LEFT LAN connection light and RIGHT network activity light are ONNOTE: The network activity light will sporadically illuminate or flicker ON and OFF.  It may take up to 20 seconds to see activity from this light.   
    LAN = Local Area Network 


Status: Not Connected!

Possible Cause...Corrective Action...
Insecure connection

  • Reconnect both ends of the Ethernet cable.

  • Check for damage to the Ethernet RJ-45 connectors.

  • Look for the Ethernet symbol ( ) in the upper left corner of the printer's display.
Inactive or defective port

  • Try connecting the Ethernet cable to a different drop or port on the router, hub, switch, or on the computer if using a crossover cable.

  • Verify that the port is active on the router or switch. NOTE:  Some routers and switches allow these ports to be disabled.  Refer to the router or switch documentation.

  • For testing purposes, purchase a direct crossover cable to bypass the router, hub or switch. NOTE:  This requires an active network port to be available on the PC. 
Defective Ethernet cable or crossover cable.

  • Try a different cable,

  • Purchase a direct crossover cable to attempt a direct computer to printer connection. 
Malfunction of printer network adapterReset the network print adapter on the printer only after ruling out the above possibilities.  Click here for instructions.
You are setting up for a Wireless Network
Not Connected is expected until the software has completed configuring the printer's wireless network adapter. 

Address: or 169.154.X.X Address
  A Gateway value of could also signal a problem.

Possible Cause...Corrective Action...
Not ConnectedFollow the steps in 'Status:  Not Connected!' above.

TCP/IP is turned OFF on the printer.  The default setting is ON.

Print the Network Settings Page. Observe the value for Active under TCP/IP
Reset the Network adapter.  Click here for instructions.

Enable DHCP is turned OFF on the printer.  The default setting is ON. 

Print the Network Settings Page. Observe the value for Enable DHCP under TCP/IP.
Reset the Network adapter.  Click here for instructions.
Since routers can serve as DHCP servers, DHCP is turned off on the router, or is not working properly.Refer to the router's documentation for additional instructions on activating DHCP. 
The DHCP server of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not recognizing the device on the network, restricting IP parameters, or the ISP requires a certain procedure for adding additional devices to the network.  Contact ISP, reboot the printer, pull and reinsert the power supply into the printer, reset the network adapter.
Defective Ethernet cableTry another cable.
169.154.X.X:  Printer is active on the network, but never obtained a DHCP administered address.   This is Auto IP.  See DHCP Overview below.   
Some other hardware on the network is not communicatingSee 'Recommended:' and 'Additional Recommended:' below.

  • Recommended:  Verify the computer's IP parameters (IP, netmask and gateway address).  Click here for instructions on checking the computer's IP parameters. 

  • Additional Recommended:  If connected to a wireless router's Ethernet port, check the router's IP parameters.  NOTE:  Refer to your wireless router/access point documentation for further assistance. 

  • Troubleshooting Tip:  Ping the printer's IP address and the computer's gateway address.  Click here for 'ping' instructions.  Click here if the printer is not communicating.
    NOTE:  The gateway address is typically the IP address of the router.  Crossover cable connections will typically not have a gateway address value. 

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Overview:  IP address assignment

Windows DHCP 
When Windows2000/XP/Vista is configured for TCP/IP to "obtain an IP address automatically" via DHCP, it will first attempt to locate a DHCP server, which can take some time. If no DHCP server is found on the network, it will use the built-in "Automatic Client Configuration" (sometimes referred to as APIPA ) to assign itself an IP address in the address-range 169.254.x.x with subnet mask
Printer's Auto IP -  DHCP Enabled (default setting)

By default, if no DHCP server is found or if the DHCP server has failed to send out an IP address in a suitable amount of time, the printer will assign itself an IP address in the address-range 169.254.x.x with subnet mask

    • See Address: or 169.154.X.X Address above.   

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