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Installation of Plug-ins for X4600, X64xe and X85xe Causes 'Not Responding' Message in MVP 11.0

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Not communicating; Devices are not communicating with MVP; Unable to communicate with Lexmark devices; Not responding; Message: "Not responding"; Older devices not responding; MVP actions not responding; MVP reporting not responding


MVP 11; MarkVision Professional (MVP) 11.0; Devices answer ping requests; Devices can be reached using the Embedded Web Server via any web browser; The SNMP community names are set properly on MVP according to the ones on the devices.; Installation of new MFP device support plug-ins


Problem Description

When support plug-ins are installed for the X4600, X64xe and X85xe, the following issues arise:

    • When 'older' devices are discovered, a Not responding message is displayed within MVP 11.

    • A Not responding message appears when a number of MVP actions are performed.

NOTE:  Previously discovered devices do not appear to be affected by the new device support plug-ins.


  1. Download the file ENUS23284_Not_Communicating and unzip it.

  2. Install the plug-in on your MVP server.  (For information on how to install MVP plug-ins, click here.)

  3. Reboot your MVP server. (Click here for instructions.)

NOTE: This fix is designed to prevent the non-communication issue from occurring after installation of the plug-in.  However, if some devices are still not communicating properly, you will have to remove all devices and "rediscover" them in order to solve the issue.

Still Need Help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model and serial number. 
Please call from near the printer or computer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.   

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