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MVP 11.0 Requesting Device Password on Non-Password Protected Devices

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MVP requesting device password on non-password protected devices; Password requested on non-password protected devices


MarkVision Professional (MVP) 11.0; No password is currently set on the device; Devices are not password-protected



The fix attached to this article addresses two issues:

  • On all devices:
    When a device has once had a password set on it, MVP registers that a password was requested. It will not clear this condition if the password is subsequently removed.

  • On recent devices:
    The password setting query was done over XML; however, this is not supported for all devices. The plug-in forces MVP to do the query over a supported protocol.


    1. Download the file and unzip it.

    2. Install the plug-in on your MVP server.  (For information on how to install MVP plug-ins, click here.)

    3. Reboot your MVP server. (Click here for instructions.)

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