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Printer Is Not Printing Color Documents

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Color laser printer not printing color; Printing black only; Will not print color; Grayscale instead of color; Black-and-white images; Color image printing black


Infoprint 1534; C752L; Color toner showing half-full; An absence of color output where the toner is showing as half-full could be due to a black-only driver, a driver setting, or a black-only lock on the printer. 


Possible reasons for black-only print output include

    • A Black Only driver  is being used.

    • The Driver setting  under the Print Quality or Color tab is at black and white (or monochrome).

    • The Black Only Lock on the printer has been turned ON.

To check for a Black Only

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Printers or Printers and Faxes (Other Devices).
  2. Locate the default driver by looking for a checkmarked icon, as in this example:
  3. If the driver has been renamed, open its Printing Preferences or Properties by right-clicking on the driver icon. Look for:
    The absence of a Color tab
    A  lack of color options under the Print Quality tab.

To check for a Black and White or monochrome driver setting:

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Printers or Printers and Faxes (Other Devices).
  2. Right-click on the default driver and select Printing Preferences or Properties.
  3. Click the Color tab or the Print Quality tab.
  4. Look to see if the following option is selected (i.e. there is a check mark in the box):

  5. If this option is selected and you want to print in color, deselect it (untick the box) and click Apply.

Mac OS 10 and higher:

  1. Open an application and click File, Print. You will be presented with an intermediate screen containing a Copies and Pages selection.

  2. Click the arrows to display the list of printing output options.
  3. Select Color. A screen will appear with the three settings shown below.

  4. Confirm that Color Correction: is not set to Black and White.
  5. Confirm that Black & White: is not set to ON. 

To check for a Black Only Lock  on the printer:

Click on the applicable link below for instructions. NOTE: The Black Only Lock setting overrides any driver or application setting.
  • C520n, C522n, C524n, click here
  • C752, C752L, C760, C762, click here.
  • C750, click here.
  • C910 and C912, click here.
  • C920, click here.

Contacting Lexmark

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.  NOTE: When you call for support, you will be asked for your printer model type and serial number.  We also ask that you be near both printer and workstation in case the technician needs you to perform any tasks involving these devices.

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