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The Printer Displays an 'Invalid Engine Code' Message

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Error: "Invalid Engine Code"; Unable to copy engine code file


Possible cause

An Invalid Engine Code error message may mean that your printer has lost the stored operating code for the engine board.

What to do

  1. If you have not yet done so, try turning the printer off and then back on. Simply resetting the printer may restore it to a working condition.

  2. If this does not clear the error, the code on the printer's engine board will need to be rewritten. You can obtain the engine code file from our website and send the file to the printer without having the printer serviced. Before sending the engine code file to the printer, it is helpful to put the printer into "Flash Engine" mode. Do the following:

    1. Turn the printer off.
    2. Press and hold the right-pointing arrow (), Select (), and Return () buttons.
    3. While holding these buttons down, turn the printer on.
    4. When Performing Self Test appears on the printer, release the buttons. The printer screen should now say Invalid Engine Code.
  3. With the printer in "Flash Engine" mode, you can now copy the engine code file to the printer. The method to use depends on how your computer is connected to the printer. A direct parallel connection to the printer from a computer with DOS on it works best. However, you can also send the files to the printer through a direct USB connection or via an FTP connection across a network. Refer to the appropriate link below for instructions.
    How to copy engine code via parallel cable
    How to copy engine code via a USB connection
    How to copy engine code via an FTP session
  4. If copying the engine code to the printer does not clear the error message, the engine/system board will need to be replaced. This will require service to the printer. If your printer is still covered under a factory warranty with us, click here and follow the links to your Customer Support center.


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