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Power Problems on the X215

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Printer will not turn on; No power


If the printer is not receiving power, please carry out the following checks:

  • Check the power cord connections.

  • Check the power switch and the power source.

  • Make sure the electrical specifications below are being complied with.

Electrical Specifications
Power Consumption:
NOTE: The power levels are shown in watts, the source is shown in volts, and the current is given in amperes.
 Lexmark X215

 Scanner Power Source

 110 ~ 240 full range  
  (50 ~ 60 Hz)
 Scanner Power While Printing and Scanning

 Average Power While Idle (power saver on)

 Average Power While Idle (power saver off)

 Average Current While Printing and Scanning


If problems continue to occur, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.  

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