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Error Reading Account in MarkVision Professional 11.0

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Error reading account


User password; MarkVision Professional 11.0 (MVP); Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Server 2003; The following are possible causes:

  • The user name or password you entered is invalid. See this article.

  • You have logged in to the wrong MarkVision Server.

  • The MarkVision Server is not running.

  • The file containing your account information is corrupt.

  • There is a problem verifying the account information with the LDAP server (if LDAP authentication has been enabled).


When you log in, MarkVision Professional 11.0 validates your account against the user name and password you supply.  If you see a message indicating there was an error reading accounts, follow the relevant instructions below.

User actions

  • Contact your administrator.

Administrator actions

  • From the Services control panel, verify that the MarkVision Server is running on the Web server.

    1. Go to Start    Settings     Control Panel     Administrative Tools     Services.

      Windows XP and Windows 2003: Go to Start, Control Panel.

    2. Scroll down until you see MarkVision Server and MarkVision Web Server.

    3. Make sure the Status for both is Started.

      • If the service is not running:

        1. Stop and restart the service.

        2. Ask the user to attempt to log in again.

      • If the service is running:

        1. Log in to MarkVision using the default administrator user name and password.

        2. Reconfigure or add the user's account (User Accounts and Groups task).

        3. Ask the user to attempt to log in again.

      • If LDAP authentication is enabled, verify that all LDAP settings are correct both in MVP and on the LDAP server. User account names should be consistent with the account listings in your LDAP server’s directory service.

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