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MarkVision Professional 11.0 Is Unable to Find a Network Device

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Cannot locate a network printer; MarkVision Professional 11.0 is unable to find a network device


MarkVision Professional 11.0 (MVP); Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows 2003


If you are unable to find a network device through MarkVision Professional 11.0, please go through the checklist below.

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on and is ready.

  2. Make sure the LAN cable is plugged into both the print server and into the LAN, and is working properly.

  3. If you are using a Lexmark Internal Network Adapter (INA):

    • Make sure the print server is properly installed and enabled. Print a setup page for the printer. Refer to your printer documentation, available here under English, for instructions. The print server should appear in the list of attachments on the setup page.

    • Make sure TCP/IP on the print server is activated. The protocol must be active in order for the print server and MarkVision to work. You can do this from the printer operator panel.

  4. If you are using a Lexmark External Network Adapter (ENA):

    • Check the print server lights and make sure that they are strobing from left to right and vice versa. Refer to your print server documentation, available here under English / Connectivity, for instructions.

    • Print a setup page from the print server. Refer to your print server documentation for instructions.

  5. Make sure the SNMP community name you supplied to MarkVision Professional is the same as the one set in the print server.

  6. PING the print server.

    • If PING works, check the IP address, netmask, and gateway to make sure they are correct. Turn the printer off, and then PING again to check for duplicate IP addresses.

    • If PING does not work, check the setup page you printed to be sure IP is enabled.

    • If TCP/IP is enabled, check the IP address, netmask, and gateway to be sure they are correct.

    • Make sure bridges and routers are functioning correctly.

    • Make sure all the physical connections among the print server, the printer, and the network are working.

  7. Turn the printer and the print server off, and then back on again. NOTE:  Turn the printer on first so that the print server can determine whether the printer is enabled for NPA when you turn it on.

    If you continue to have issues viewing your device, please contact the Lexmark Technical Support Center at 800-LEXMARK. NOTE:  Customers outside the US should visit our support Web site at to obtain the contact number for their region.

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