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250 Paper Jam, Check MP Feeder Message on a Lexmark C920

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Error: "250 Paper Jam"; Error: "Check MP Feeder"; Error: "Check Multipurpose Feeder"; Error: "Check MPF"


This message indicates that there is a jam in the multipurpose feeder.


To attempt a resolution for this issue, please refer to the information below.
IMPORTANT!  Jams in this location may result from loading print media into the multipurpose feeder (MPF) in the wrong orientation, i.e. portrait versus landscape.  Pay close attention to the orientation diagrams on the MPF tray when loading your print media.
As with any paper jam, start by verifying that the following conditions are met:

  1. The paper/print media being used is within the printer's specifications.  Use of media outside of the recommended size, type, and weight will result in frequent jams and poor print quality.

  2. The paper/print media is being loaded correctly into the printer's paper trays. Consult the following documents for details:

      • For assistance on loading print media into the 550-sheet standard or optional trays, click here.

      • For assistance on loading print media into the multipurpose feeder, click here.

      • For assistance on loading print media into the 3,000-sheet high-capacity feeder, click here.

To clear 250 jams in the multipurpose feeder:

  1. Slowly pull the jam straight out of the multipurpose feeder. 
    NOTE: This instruction does not apply to banner paper, i.e. 11.69 x 48 in. (296.93 x 1219.2 mm) paper. Clear banner paper jams only in the paper feed direction.

    NOTE:  If the paper will not release easily from the feeder, continue with step 2.

  2. Open the front and top cover of the printer.

  3. Remove the paper on the transfer belt.
    WARNING!  Do not touch, drop, or place anything on the transfer belt (T).  Touching the surface of the transfer belt or placing items on it may cause damage.

    NOTE:  If banner paper is jammed inside the printer, remove the jam by rolling up the paper from the inside the printer until the entire banner sheet is free.

  4. Close the top cover.

  5. Press .

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