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Devices Show "Not Responding" Following Attempts to Manage Them

Document ID:SO2766


Devices show "Not Responding"; Unable to discover devices on WAN networks


MarkVision Professional 10.2; Trying to manage devices



In some cases, the timeouts for communication with devices have to be increased to allow the answer to be received within the time given by MarkVision Professional. 

What to do

  1. Connect to the server, i.e. go to http://mvp.ip.address:9180/~mvserver, replacing mvp.ip.address with the IP address of the server.

  2. Select the MVP parameters below and modify the values as suggested:
    Set transport.NPANT.timeout to 15 seconds.
    Set transport.XMLNT.rcvTimeout to 20 seconds.
    Set transprot.XMLNT.sndTimeout to 15 seconds.

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