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Overlay Management Issues in MVP 10.2

Document ID:SO2737

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Unable to see PCL or PCL XL overlays using the storage devices feature; Unable to send multiple files to a printer using the Resource Management feature; PCL 5 overlay ID starts with 0 instead of 1; Unable to add an overlay with the 0 ID using the print driver; Only one file is sent to the printer even if several were selected.


MarkVision Professional (MVP) 10.2



  1. Click here  to download the MVP plug-in. 

  2. Unzip the plug-in on your system.

  3. Install the storageDevice.mvp plug-in on your MVP server. (Click here for information on how to install a plug-in in MVP.)

To correct MVP's inability to send multiple files at one time:

Make sure the protocol used to transfer files is forced to FTP.  Click here for instructions.

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