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MVP Messenger 10.2 Does Not Support Extended Characters in Action Names

Document ID:SO2735

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Unable to edit an action; Unable to delete an action


MVP Messenger; MarkVision Professional 10.2; The name of the action contains a character from the extended character table (such as é, è, Å, Ä, Ö...).; MVP messenger does not support extended characters


To correct this issue :

  1. Download the file

  2. Create a folder called servlet in your MarkVision Server\www\webapps\messenger\WEB-INF\classes folder.

  3. Expand the action.class file from the downloaded zipped file to the folder you have just created. (In Windows, the default location of this file will be C:\Program Files\Lexmark\MarkVision Server\www\webapps\messenger\WEB-INF\classes\servlet.)

  4. Stop and restart the MVP Web Server service or daemon.

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