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Cannot Install the Lexmark X125 Driver; Error: "Uninstall is complete"

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Cannot install the X125 driver; Error: "Uninstall is complete"


Installation appears to complete quickly; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP


The solution is to download a patch from the Lexmark website and install it. Do the following:

  1. Click here to go to the Lexmark home page.

  2. Click on Drivers & Downloads.

  3. Click on Printer Driver.

  4. From the Related product name menu, select the Lexmark X125.

  5. Click on version 1.0 of the Patch in the required language.

  6. Click on the link file, pr12kxpx125en.exe, to detach it.

  7. In the File Download screen, select Save As and choose a download location on your hard drive or desktop.

  8. Click on Save. The download will start. It should complete in a few seconds.

  9. Go to the location on your hard drive where you saved the patch.

  10. Double-click the file pr12kxpx125en.exe to unzip it. By default, the file will unzip to c:\x125patch. You can change the destination folder if you wish.

  11. Click on Unzip.

  12. When a message informs you that 3 file(s) unzipped succesfully, click OK.

  13. Accept the Software License Agreement that appears.

  14. When a message informs you that The operation completed successfully, click OK to finish the installation.

  15. Restart your computer.

  16. You should now be able to install the driver software successfully from your CD.


The Install Utility for Windows 2000 and XP will remove a registry folder to solve this particular installation issue.

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