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Light or Faded Print from a C75x, C76x, C77x, C78x or X75x, X76x, X77x, X78x

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Light print; Faded print; Horizontal bands on the page; Print quality issues


If the transfer roller is not seated correctly, light print and/or horizontal banding could occur across all color planes.  Note:  If you are having issues with just one particular color, the problem is probably not the transfer roller. 


  1. Enter the Color Menu and verify that Color Saver is turned off.

  2. Make sure the transfer roller is seated correctly.  Click here for instructions on how to remove the transfer roller.

  3. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please call the Lexmark Technical Support line.

If your printer is a C750, click here for additional directions on how to resolve the issue.

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