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MarkVision Professional Not Showing Complete List of Files in the Optra Forms Option

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MVP not showing complete list of files in the Optra Forms option; Some files shown on the directory page of the printer's web server are not present on the MVP server.; Some files  are not shown in the list.  For example:  SYS/Start, KEY, DMAPGRID.HST, rc, Job/Start, BARMAIN.DCT, PERMFORM.ARRY, Load Dmapgrid, Load NOFORM, Auto Init Pas, Auto Init Ser, Remove A/Init...


MarkVision Professional 10.1; Optra Forms


Even though some files are not listed in the MVP server storage pages, they are still present in the Optra Forms printer option.


This display issue is resolved in MVP 10.2.  Upgrade your MVP server to version 10.2 or higher.

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