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Cannot Create Folder Action in MVP Messenger with French Language

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Error: "Error:Expected ')' "; Error: "Error:Object expected";
Web browser shows two errors on the page:

Line: 256
Char: 40
Error: Expected ')'
Code: 0


Line: 294
Char: 1
Error: Object expected
Code: 0
; Messenger action creation locked on the Filter Selection page; clicking on the right arrow of the filter selection does not produce any results.


Trying to create a folder action that sends an e-mail; Messenger is displaying French web pages; MVP Messenger  10.1; MarkVision Professional (MVP) 10.1


This problem has been resolved in MarkVision Professional 10.2. If you cannot upgrade to this version of MVP, you should complete the following steps: 


  1. Download and unzip this file: 

  2. Stop the MVP server and the web server.

  3. Replace the within <Program_File_Dir>\Lexmark\MarkVision Server\www\webapps\messenger\WEB-INF\lib\messenger.jar with the file you downloaded in step 1. You can use any compression tool that is capable of opening a JAR file to do this.

    • Note: Be sure to overwrite the existing file with the attached one.  While overwriting the file, make sure the Save full path info option is deselected. In this way, the path information of the attached file as detached in the local machine will not be carried over when it is inserted into the messenger.jar file.

  4. Restart the MVP server and the web server.

  5. Invoke MVP Messenger. The problem should now be resolved.

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