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Internet Explorer Overwrites MVP's Web Client Window When a New Web Page Is Launched

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IE overwrites MVP's Web client window when a new Web page is launched; New Web page is loaded in the currently open IE window; MVP Web client closes when you open the device Web page from within the application


Microsoft Windows 95; MarkVision Professional (MVP) 10.2; Microsoft Windows 98; Microsoft Windows Me; Microsoft Windows NT 4; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows NT4 server; Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Server 2003; MarkVision Professional 10.1; Internet Explorer (IE); Launching a new Web page; When you request a Web page from the MVP client, Internet Explorer opens the new Web page in the latest browser window opened instead of opening a new window. If this latest window is the one you used to launch the MVP web client, the Java applet used by MVP in this window will be terminated and the client process killed.


This happens due to the Internet Explorer setting which, by default, re-uses browser windows for new URLs. To change this behavior:

  1. Within Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced.

  2. Deselect Reuse windows for launching shortcuts.

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