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Paper Feed Rollers Are Rolling But the Paper Is Not Feeding

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Not feeding paper; Paper feed does not work; Paper feed rollers are rolling but paper is not feeding through; Rolling noises; Paper feeder makes rolling noises but does not pick up the paper



Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

Step 1. Feed the paper manually into the printer:

    1. Place a sheet of plain A4 paper in the paper feed tray.

    2. Move the paper support on the left-hand side to the left end of the paper.

    3. Press the paper feed button.

    4. If the paper does not feed, continue with step 2.

Step 2. Check for any obstructions in the paper feed path:

    1. Disconnect the cables from the back of the printer.

    2. Open the front of the printer and check for anything that may be blocking the paper path.

    3. Close the front lid and remove any paper from the paper feed tray.

    4. Holding the printer in both hands, turn it upside down to see if anything falls out of the paper feed area. (Sometimes objects such as pens, paper clips and so on can fall into the paper feed area and cause blockages.)

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