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Lines on Copies from the 3100 or 242 Auto Document Feeder

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Black lines on copies from Auto Document Feeder; Vertical lines on copies from Auto Document Feeder


How to clean the Auto Document Feeder glass; Auto Document Feeder (ADF); If the lines only appear when you are making copies through the Auto Document Feeder, there is something on the left edge of the glass. The scanner uses the same lamp for the flatbed as it does for the ADF, so if flatbed scans are clean, the lamp is fine.


If copies made on the flatbed look fine but copies made from the ADF have one or more lines, the scanner glass needs to be cleaned.

  1. Wet a soft, lint-free cloth with isopropyl alcohol (95%).

  2. Now open the document cover as shown and use the cloth to clean the far left edge of the glass. For this problem, pay special attention to is the far left edge of the glass, circled in green below. Once that area is clean, the lines should go away.

  3. If this does not help, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.


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