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Cannot See Network Printers When Using MarkVision for Macintosh

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Not able to see any network printers
; Printers not showing up


MarkVision for Macintosh; The printer is not in the correct zone.


  1. Click View and select Zones.

  2. Print a Menu Settings page for the network card. Check the status value in the top right column of the page.

    • If it says connected, the network card or MarkNet box sees the network and you need to verify that you are in the correct zone.

    • If it says Not connected, there may be a hardware problem on your network. Try the following:

      • Make sure the network cable is properly attached.

      • Try a tested LAN drop.  If changing the drop changes the status value in the settings page to connected, you should investigate the hardware variables on your network that could be causing the problem (a defective Ethernet cable, a different port on the hub/switch etc).

  3. If you have an External Printer Server (MarkNet XL, XLE, Pro etc), you should update the firmware.

    1. Click here and select Drivers & Downloads.  

    2. Select Network Adapters from the list of products and then choose your adapter.

    3. Click on Firmware and download the latest version for your adapter.

    If you have an Internal Network Cards (MarkNet S, N200X etc), you should check to see if the printer has an available PCI slot. (PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect.)  If it does, remove the side panels and move the Network Interface Card (NIC) to a different slot. 

      • If this works, there is an issue with the motherboard of the printer. 
      • If it still fails, there is something wrong with the NIC and you should update the firmware.  Click here for directions.  


  4. As a last resort, if the NIC fails to stay on a particular zone, the firmware of the network card may need to be updated. Click here for directions.


No further development is being done on MarkVision for Macintosh; the replacement product is MarkVision Pro (for MacOS 10.1 and above). MarkVision for Macintosh will not work with any printers released after approximately March 2002.

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