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Message: "84 PC Life Warning" or "84 PC Exhausted"

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Message: "84 PC Life Warning"; Message: "84 PC Exhausted"


Note: The term PC in both variations of this message code refers to the photoconductor unit. 

  • If the message is 84 PC Life Warning, the photoconductor is near the end of its functional life but may still be used for a time, assuming the print quality is acceptable.  Press the Go button on the printer operator panel to clear this message temporarily and continue printing.  The message will re-appear if the printer is powered off and on again, or after a certain number of pages are printed.

  • If the print quality is unacceptable, or if the message is 84 PC Exhausted, the photoconductor kit will need to be replaced.  The printer will not function so long as the Exhausted message remains on the display.  The only way to clear the message is to install a new photoconductor. Click here to order a new photoconductor.

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