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Network Speed Changes on MarkNets Adapters are Not Reported in MVP

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A change of network speed on a MarkNet adapter is not reported in MarkVision Professional.


MarkVision Professional; Change of a MarkNet's network speed


Solutions to this problem exist for version 10 and earlier of MarkVision Professional (MVP): Fixes
MVP 10.0:
Install the plug-in attached to Network Speed Cache v1.0.mvp (located within the above Fixes link).
Other installations:
The attached file will resolve the exception issue:

  1. Detach the file LexPrintServerConfigv1.cs (located within the above Fixes link) to a directory.

  2. Stop the MarkVision Server service.

  3. Replace the existing LexPrintServerConfigV1.cs file in the granite.jar file with the attached file. (Make sure to overwrite the existing one.)

  4. Restart the MarkVision Server.


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