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Markvision Professional Provides Small Screens on some Linux Machines

Document ID:SO1272

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Tiny screens; Small pop-up screens; Login screen too small; Minimized login screen


MarkVision Professional; RedHat Linux 7.x; RedHat Linux 6.x; SuSe 6.x; SuSe 7.x; KDE 2; SuSE 7.1 and RedHat 7.1 use KDE2 as the standard windows manager. Due to a bug with the handling of some Java dialog boxes, the login screen is a 1x1 inch square that is not resizable.


Use the original KDE or Gnome when starting Linux to make the login screen appear normal. IBM's Java VM 1.3.0 does not exhibit this problem.
This problem is documented in Sun's Bug Database (ID 4392518). It will be addressed in future releases.

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