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EC6.1(.P631) Firmware Release Notes for E46x, T65x, C73x, W85x Series Printers and Equivalent "X Model" Series MFPs (June 2012)

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Lexmark has released printer firmeware version EC6.1 (.P631) for the following printers and MFPs:

Single Function Printers (SFPs):

  • E46x Series Printers
  • T65x*Series Printers
  • C73x Series Printers
  • W850 Printer

Multi-function Printers (MFPs):

  • X46x Series MFPs
  • X65x Series MFPs
  • X73x Series MFPs
  • X86x Series MFPs

An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.

* Excludes the Lexmark T656

NOTE: Individual firmware packages may also provide updated engine code. Lexmark periodically releases updated printer and MFP software in order to address end-user issues and provide new performance and feature enhancements.



Release Notes



  • Release notes list the improvements and fixes provided by this update.
  • Release notes provide additional update methods and assistance.
  • DLE-equipped printer update recommendations
  • General precautions associated with this printer firmware release
  • Click here for more information regarding .P413c revision only.


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Printer or MFP Release Notes
 E46x Series  Click here
 X46xe  Click here
 T65x*  Click here
 X65xe  Click here
 C73x  Click here
 X73xe  Click here
 W85x  Click here
 X86xe  Click here

 * Excludes the Lexmark T656.



Included in the firmware download package:

    • .fls file required for non-Windows environments or non-standard connection methods
    • Firmware Update Utility package to guide users through the firmware update process
    • Additional Release Notes
    • Printer File Downloader for Macintosh environments


Printers Firmware download file (Base-models only)
E46x series Click here
T650 and T652 Click here
T654 Click here
C73x series Click here
W85x series Click here
X46xe series Click here
X654 series Click here
X73xe series Click here
X86x series Click here



Additional firmware information


Printer or MFP New Code Levels

Automated Firmware Update Utility Filenames (.exe)


  • Microsoft Operating System
  • USB or network attached printer
  • Base-models only

Other Flash Method Filenames (.fls)

Flash Methods:

  • MarkVision
  • EWS
  • FTP
  • USB flash utility
  • USB thumb drive
  • PrinterFile Loader (MacIntosh) 
Approximate File Size (KB)
E46x Series

Basecode - LR.LBH.P631
Engine - AL.LB.E302
Network - NR.APS.N644

Format: Model_codes_FWU.exe


  • LR.LBH.P631.fullnet.fls
  • LR.LBH.P631.armlbH.AL.LB.E302.armlbe.fls

Basecode - LR.BS.P631
Engine - AR.BS.E201
Scan - AR.BS.S010
Network - NR.APS.N644

  • LR.BS.P631.fullnet.fls
  • LR.BS.P631.armbs.AR. BS.E201.armbse.AR..BS.S010.armbs_scan.fls


Base - LR.JP.P631a
Engine - AR.JP.E220
Network-  NR.APS.N644


Base - LR.JP.P631a
Engine - AR.JP.E220
Network - NR.APS.N644

T650/T652 - Lexmark_T650-T652_P631a-E220_FWUpdate.exe


T654 - Lexmark_T654_E631a-E220_FWUpdate.exe

T650/52 - LR.JP.P631a.arm9jp.AR.JP.E220.arm9wejpe.fls

T654 - LR.JP.P631a.ppcjp.AR.JP.E220.ppctgjpe.fls


Base - LR.MN.P631a,
Engine - AR.JP.E220
Network - NR.APS.N644
Scanner - S132

  • LR.MN.P631.fullnet.fls
  • LR.MN.P631a.ppcmn.AR.JP.E220.ppctgmne.fls

Base - LR.SK.P631
Engine - LR.SK.E117
Network NR.APS.N644

  • LR.SK.P631.fullnet.fls
  • LR.SK.P631.ppcsk.LR.SK.E117.ppcske.fls

Base - LR.FL.P631
Engine - LRSK.E117
Network - NR.APS.N644

  • LR.FL.P631.fullnet.fls
  • LR.FL.P631.ppcfl.LR.SK.E117.ppcske.fls

Base - LS.JB.P631
Network - NP.APS.N629

Lexmark_W85x_E631_FWUpdate.exe  LP.JB.P631.fullnet.fls  45,711

Base - LP.SP.P631

Network - NP.APS.N629

Lexmark_X86x_P631_FWUpdate.exe  LP.SP.P631.ppcsp.fullnet.fls  63,573

* Excludes the Lexmark T656



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