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MVP 11.1 Plug-in for Lexmark 258X and 259X Series Dot Matrix Printers; A Brief Overview of Features & Limitations

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Dot matrix administration using MVP; Device policy limitation; Print server seen as printer; Printer seen as print server; Slightly different converted column values ; Configure macro not supported


How to install the MVP plug-in; How to obtain the 2580 MVP plugin; How to obtain the 2581 MVP plugin; How to get the 2590 plugin; How to get the 2591 plugin; Device policies; Forms Printer 25xx family; Configure macro



MarkVision Professional (MVP) now supports the ability to perform administrative tasks with Lexmark's latest network-ready dot matrix printers. These printers include:

  • 2580n

  • 2581n

  • 2590n

  • 2591n 

MVP Support Requirements

The latest dot matrix printer offerings require an MVP plug-in.

Installing the plug-in 

  1. Download Lexmark_Forms_Printer_25XX_11_1 v(1.0).zip and extract the file.  (Optionally, check here for the latest plug-in versions and additional MVP information.) 
  2. Install the plug-in on your MVP server.  (For information on how to install MVP plug-ins, click here.)
  3. Reboot your MVP server.  (Click here for instructions.) 

Additions and Known Issues (V1.0)

MVP will add the following:

  1. The new 'task' (Settings > 258x/259x > Configure) provides management of all settings equal to that found under Configure on the 258x/259x printer web page.  NOTE: One exception is Top-Of-Form.

  2. The new 'task' (Settings > 258x/259x  > Top-Of-Form) provides read/write management of the top-of-form in inches or centimeters. 

Known issues include: 

  1. 258x/259x setting nodes appear under Print Server instead of Printer device policy.

  2. All configurable device settings are categorized under Print Server in the Device Policies feature.

  3. The Configure Macro table under Settings > 258x/259x > Configure is not supported in Device Policies.

  4. If 'centimeter' units are used in the Configure Macro table (task 258x/259x > Configure), slightly different converted column values (i.e. Top-of-Form ***) may result if MVP is utilized.  

  5. The Disable Macro option becomes unavailable after it is used and will only reappear after another macro (1-4) is reapplied.  

  6. Considerable wait time after applying setting changes which require an automatic device restart.

Remember:  This is the first version of the plug-in and future versions should resolve most of these issues. 

Language Support

All the languages that were supported in the MarkVision 11.1 release are also supported by this plug-in.  

 Still Have Questions? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional information.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model type and serial number.
Please call from near the printer or MVP server in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of the devices.   

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