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How to Create and Select Custom Forms or Paper Sizes

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Error: "34 Short Paper"; Print in the wrong place; Incorrect text placement; Incorrect image placement; Formatting incorrect; Cannot add custom paper format in NT driver


How to create custom forms; How to add a custom paper format to the printer driver; How to create custom paper sizes; Form type; Form size; Paper size; Custom sizes; Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows NT 4; Microsoft Windows NT4 server


For instructions on creating and selecting custom paper sizes, select the link next to your operating system:

  • Windows NT:  Click here.

  • Windows 2000:  Click here.

  • Windows XP:  Click here.

  • Windows Server 2003:  Click here.

  • Windows 95 & 98:  Click here.

  • Macintosh OS 8 & 9 Custom Size Forms:  Click here.

  • Mac OS 10.X:  Click here.   

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