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How to Install the MarkNet N8370 802.11ac Wireless Print Server

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Card installation; Internal solutions port option; NIC; INA; Print adapter; Network card; Wi-Fi peripheral; 802.11a/b/g/n/ac card


Affected Products:

Single-Function: CS927, CS923, CS921, CS725, CS720, CS820, MS826, MS825, MS823, MS822, MS821, MS725, M5270, M5255, CS827, CS728, CS727

Multifunction: CX927, CX924, CX923, CX922, CX921, CX920, CX860, CX825, CX820, CX725, MB2650, XM7370, XM7355, XM5370, MX826, MX822, MX725, MX722, MX721, MB2770, CX827, CX727


Issue Description:

Installing the MarkNet N8370.


Before You Begin:

  • Make sure that no held jobs are present in the print queue.
  • Obtain a flathead and Phillips screwdriver.
  • Update printer firmware to the latest level available. Find your printer's firmware on the printer's product page.
  • Power OFF the device and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

IMPORTANT: Failure to remove held jobs may result in a "57 Configuration change, some held jobs were not restored" message. Lost jobs will not be recoverable.



  1.  Remove the option card from its package and confirm shipped contents:
    • MarkNet N8370 with thumbscrews
    • NFC tag
    • Instructions
  2.  Open the access door and then remove the metal cover to the system board.
    Note: Certain modes may not require the removal of an inner metal cover.
  3.  If a hard drive (HDD) is not installed on the printer, proceed with Step 4.
    The MarkNet N8370 attaches to the HDD bracket, hence, you will have to temporarily remove the hard drive.
    To do this, remove the two thumbscrews from the anchor plate. Then disconnect the HDD Cable from the system board. 

    Remove screws Remove cable












    Help Hint: Slightly lift up on the drive while pulling the drive away from the anchor plate.

  4.  Remove the rear expansion slot cover.

    Note: This also removes the previously mentioned anchor plate.
  5.  If a hard drive (HDD) is not installed on the printer, proceed with Step 6. Align the screw holes of the HDD mounting bracket up with those found on the Mark Net N8370. Secure the options together using the same thumbscrews removed in Step 3.

    Option: You can install the HDD after installing the MarkNet N83770. If so, first perform the steps in Step 6, and then go back to this Step 5.

  6.  Slide the HDD with the attached MarkNet N8370 back into the slot and reconnect the drive cable. Secure the MarkNet N8370 in the expansion slot using the set of supplied long thumbscrews. Plug the MarkNet N8370 card's white plug into the blue ISP slot.

    Mount and reconnect HD cable Secure option Plug MarkNet N8370 cable into internal solutions port













  7.  Replace all covers. If the NFC tag is being utilized, then place the tag somewhere easily accessible on the front or top of the printer.


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