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How to Create a Custom Configuration Package Using the Lexmark Package Creation Utility

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The following procedure provides information on how to create a custom configuration package using the Lexmark package creation utility.





Step Action


Insert the CD package and run the setup.exe to create the customized package.



Click on Build Package and then click on Start.




Click Start.

Note: Should you need additional information, click on the Package Creation Guide.



Read the License Agreement and click Accept if you agree to the terms and conditions.




Select the Driver and Application Package and click Next.


Note: Include Silent installation if you want to create a silent installer package.



Select a device from the list from which you would like to connect.

Note: For network connected or other devices, click on Add printer….




The Printer Configuration window should appear. Click the folder icon to select the .ldc file that was created earlier; (i.e., E:\settings.ldc) then click OK.

Note: Please refer to the KB article HO4109 for steps in creating and applying the .ldc file.



Click on Next to proceed to the next window.

Note: If you want to create a package with two or more print queues, then click Add printer again and follow the procedures to select the port and *.ldc file.



Select the Lexmark Printer Driver Configuration Utility and click on Next.

Note: The Lexmark Printer Driver Configuration Utility is optional if you already have the utility installed.



Click on Next to create the customized package.




Click on Finish, then the folder location will open where the customized package is kept. In this location you need to run the LexmarkPkgInstaller.exe to create one or more print queues with the same specific settings.




Additional information

If you have any questions or encounter problems when performing the steps above, please contact your next level of support (L2 or L3) or Lexmark Technical Support for additional troubleshooting.

Please be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing, the error message on the display, and the troubleshooting steps you performed. Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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