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Device Data Security Process

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Customer retention forms



Lexmark provides a wide range of printing and imaging products to help businesses of all sizes drive greater productivity. To meet the needs of these customers, some of Lexmark's printers and multifunction products are equipped with memory devices such as a hard disk drive or flash memory. These memory devices are necessary in some applications to temporarily buffer print, scan, copy, or fax jobs, to store forms, or to enable solutions capabilities. Lexmark is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and processes that enhance the protection of customer data that is stored within Lexmark’s printer and multifunction products.




Hard drives (HDDs) removed from customer machines will be left with the customer. To acknowledge receipt, the customer will sign for the hard drive on the above customer retention forms. For all other memory devices other than hard drives, the customer will need to request desire to retain memory devices when signing Lexmark service agreements. Request will be documented in Lexmark account SHI (Special Handling Instruction) as: “If tech replaces memory device, leave it at customer site, complete customer retention form and get it signed by customer. Write in debrief the name of customer who signed the document and send copy to




Memory device

The term “memory device” encompasses non-volatile storage devices that retain data across power cycles, and includes devices such as hard disk drives, solid-state drives, flash memory, non-volatile RAM (NVRAM), and EEPROM. Because volatile memory technologies such as dynamic RAM (DRAM) do not retain their contents across power cycles, they are not included in this definition. Also excluded from this policy are general purpose memory devices that may be used in or with Lexmark products, but are not sold or provided by Lexmark, such as USB drives (e.g. “flash drives”, “thumb drives”) and memory cards (e.g. SD, MemoryStick, Compact Flash, xD cards).



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