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How to Export the Virtual Configuration Center (VCC) 'Bundle.ZIP' Configuration File

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Configuration settings; Obtaining for escalations; Large scale printer deployments; Large install-base; Enterprise configuration



This article explains how to export the Configuration File for Virtual Configuration Center (VCC). 

NOTE: In the event that an issue needs to be escalated with Lexmark's product engineering team, this file will need to be captured and submitted along with any other requested information. 



How to Export '' via Embedded Web Server

  1. Enter the printer's IP Address into your browser's address field. 
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Configuration Files options found under the Other Settings column.
  4. Click on Export.
  5. Click on Browser Dependent if it appears.
  6. Select to Save file.
  7. Click OK if necessary.

Export to USB Flash Drive

  1. Insert USB flash drive.
  2. Go to Home screen.
  3. Go to Admin Settings.
  4. Scroll to bottom and select Export Config File.


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Export 'Bundle.ZIP' Contents

 eSF – Embedded Solution Framework (Apps)

File Name Contents Purpose (Exclusions)

A compiled list of all settings:

  • esf_settings.xml
  • security_settings.ucf
  • esfApp.fls
  • license
  • Required when VCC processes the
  • txt file with xml formatting
  • Pertinent bundle information included in this file
  • Other files: i.e., license file, are referenced by this file.


  • eSF app settings
  • Security settings
esf_settings.xml file Crucial configuration settings for apps This .xml is exportable.
security_settings.ucf file Security settings in universal configuration file (.ucf) format

Will eventually be replaced by .xml file


  • Not all security settings are exportable.
  • Identity settings will be exported and commented out.
  • Passwords are hashed "*******" and secure.
  • Bundles that set protected settings (in bundle.xml) require unique Lexmark signature, bundle.sig.  
esfApp.fls file Apps and settings for installed or included apps Ability to install Apps and not cause the printer to reboot
license.lic file

View installed licenses; for example: 


<license src= 'license.lic' /> 

<license src= 'license2.lic' />



Confirm installed license for: 

  • eSF apps
  • Certain Downloadable Language Emulators (DLEs); i.e., PrintCryption


  • Licenses are not exported.

Click here for a sample file. (Excludes .fls and .lic files.)


Additional Export Information

  • Exporting a bundle provides a settings snapshot.
  • It is often easiest to export a bundle from the printer and then edit the file(s).
    • Some editors allow direct edits from the .zip, while other editors will require you to unzip the bundle first.


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