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How to Print From Windows 8

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How you initiate print jobs from Windows 8 will depend largely on the application (app) type.

If printing from... To print... Illustration

Modern UI apps (Windows 8 Store Apps)



  • Control + P

or, + K.

  • Select the Devices charm from the charms bar.
  • Any print option as designed by the developer of the application. 


Desktop apps

(win32 (x86) or x64-bit applications)

NOTE: These apps may be represented as tiles in   Windows 8, but they will open in the desktop.   

  • File > Print  from within the application.
  • Control + P


Keyboard shortcuts

To bring up the Charms bar, press + C.

To bring up Devices, press + K.

To bring up Desktop, press + D.



Metro App Printing (Example Only) 

  1. Open a modern UI application such as Internet Explorer by selecting the start screen tile, e.g., .
  2. Locate a Web page to print.
  3. Swipe in from the edge of the screen or hover your cursor in the lower right hot corner to trigger the Charms bar.
  4. Select the Devices charm to display your printer and possibly other devices.
  5. Click on the name of the printer that you wish to use.
  6. A Settings screen for your printer appears, from which you can change the number of copies, orientation, color mode, and other settings.
  7. Click on the More settings link for additional options, including paper size, type, and output tray.
  8. Click the Back button in front of your printer name to return to the previous screen.
  9. Click on the Print button to print the Web page.


This print setup works the same across all modern UI apps.



Desktop App Printing

Printing Desktop applications in Windows 8 works the same as it does in previous versions of Windows. 



Devices: There's nothing to send right now

Two reasons for this message:

  • You do not have an application open that supports printing
  • You are running a desktop application originally designed for the Windows 7 or older.




Windows 8 reference or icon Description
Charms bar
Start charm returns you to Start screen. 
Device charm displays a list of printers if you have an application that supports printing.
  More settings displays additional print settings.  This resembles what you may have seen with Page Setup, Preferences, or Properties with previous versions of Windows.

Back button (Two functions)

  • Functions like an OK button if you have  altered additional printer settings under  under More settings
  • Functions like a Cancel button if you simply want to return back to the main print dialog screen, or to cancel the entire print request.



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