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The Embedded Web Server's Available 'Device Management Settings' For The S and Pro Series Inkjet Printers

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This article explains the various embedded web server (EWS) options found under Settings > Device Management.

Some printers with this capability:

  • Lexmark S 31x, 41x and 51x Series
  • Lexmark Pro 71x and 91x Series
  • Lexmark Pro 4000 Series
  • Lexmark Pro 5000 Series

An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.

NOTE: Not all EWS settings are available on every printer model. Check your printer's Web page for equivalent settings of those described in this article.


What is an embedded Web server

The easiest way to understand this concept is to imagine that the printer is hosting its own web site.

This web server (site) is stored in the printer's memory, and you view this web site using a Web browser* application.

*Internet browser applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.


How to access

Enter the printer's IP Address into your Web browser's URL (address) field.


Click here if you need additional help locating your printer's IP address.

HINT: After you successfully open your printer's Web page, it is recommended that you save it as a Favorite or Bookmark for easy access later.


Device Management


Solutions Management Services 

Device Web Services is required for pushing Solutions to the device and managing the homescreen.

If disabled, these services should return “404 - Not Found. This feature is only found on touch screen devices that have the ability to download and run Smart Solutions Apps.  


Device Data Collection

  • Enable Periodic Usage Data Collection
  • Enable On-Demand Diagnostic Data Collection

The information collected by the device is useful in the event that a problem is detected. It is not recommended that you disable these settings.



How to get to these settings via "Printer Home"


  1. Open the Printer Home application located under Start > Programs(All) > Lexmark.
  2. Locate and click on Settings, or click on the Configure your printer below it. 
  3. If you clicked on Settings, you can now click on Configure your printer.
  4. Click on the EWS's Settings menu option.
  5. Click on Device Management. 

NOTE: This is an ideal way to navigate to these settings if you have no desire to obtain your printer's IP address. 


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