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The Embedded Web Server's Available 'E-mail/FTP' Settings For The S and Pro Series Inkjet Printers

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This article explains the various embedded web server (EWS) options found under Settings and then E-mail/FTP Settings.

 Some printers with this capability:

  • Lexmark S 31x, 41x and 51x Series
  • Lexmark Pro 71x and 91x Series
  • Lexmark Pro 4000 Series
  • Lexmark Pro 5000 Series

    An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.

    NOTE: Not all EWS settings are available on every printer model. Check your printer's Web page for equivalent settings of those described in this article.


'E-mail Transmission Failure' or 'E-mail Setup Incomplete' Message

Click here for more information.



Web page (server)

The printer's web page is commonly referred to as the printer's web server. The easiest way to understand this concept is to imagine that the printer is hosting its own web site.

This web server (site), stored in printer memory, is viewable using a Web browser* application.

*Internet browser applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox



How to open the Web page

1. From "Printer Home"

Click on Settings > Configure your printer > Settings (EWS) > E-mail/FTP Settings

2. From "Web browser application"

Obtain and enter the printer's IP address into your Web browser's URL (address) field.


How to obtain the printer's IP address

Press the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection symbol/icon , or if you don't have a touch screen-equipped model:

  1. Print out the network setup page. Press , Network Setup, and then Print Setup Page.
  2. View the IP address on the device under the Network Setup Menu to. Press , Network Setup, and then TCP/IP > IPv4 Setup.

HINT: You can save the printer Web page as a Favorite or Bookmark for easy access later.



Location of E-mail Settings

  1. Once you have opened the web page, click on Settings, and then E-mail/FTP Settings.


"SMTP Setup" 

IMPORTANT!  Successful configuration of these settings will allow your printer to communicate with your e-mail service provider (ESP) and enable your printer's scan-to-email functionality. 

Setting Required How to obtain values

Primary SMTP Gateway Address

(email server address)

Yes Contact ESP for this value or identify this setting on another device or email client already configured for email. 
Primary SMTP Gateway Port Yes

Value provided, however, confirm the value with your ESP.

Contact ESP or identify this setting on another device already configured for e-mail. 

  • Disabled
  • Negotiate
  • Required

Contact ESP or identify this setting on another device or email client already configured for e-mail. 

Validate CA Rarely

NTLM authentiation only

Contact ESP or identify this setting on another device already configured for e-mail

SMTP Authentication settings Required with SSL/TLS
  • Anonymous(No authentication required)
  • Login/Plain
  • NTLM
Device Userid Required with SSL/TLS (Username) ESPs should tell you whether or not the Full name or UserID is necessary, e.g., vs. gwizz.
NTLM Domain Only necessary if NTLM specified Authentication Contact ESP for this value.

SMTP - Simpl Mail Transfer Protocol

SSL/TLS - Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security

CA - Certificate Authority

ESP (E-mail Service Provider)

Click image for expanded view of required SMTP Settings. 



Under "Settings > E-mail Settings"

Consider this setting... To...

And select from one of the values listed below, then click Submit.

(An * below marks the Default setting) 

Setup E-Mail Server

Redirect to SMTP Setup to configure your E-mail service configuration parameters.

Click to select item.
Enter a Subject to be sent with every Scan-to-email. Entry dialog with up to the 255 characters
Max E-mail Size

Limit attachment file size to

  • Reduce network congestion
  • Limit use per session
  • Reduce number of failed e-mails caused by file-size limits found on certain e-mail servers 
Range: 0 - 63555 (0)*
Size Error Message
Notify users when the max file size has been exceeded.

Dialog entry box for message.


E-mail file size too big for recipient's e-mail server. Reduce resolution or change format.

Under E-mail Settings
Select your preferred file format for e-mail attachments.
  • PDF*
  • JPEG
PDF Version

Select PDF version. Since version changes are mostly  cumulative, this setting should seldom need to be changed.  

  • 1.2
  • 1.3
  • 1.4
  • 1.5*
  • A-1a
Improve scan results and reduce file size based on the predominant content (page) characteristics.
  • Text
  • Text, Graphics and Photo*
  • Photo
  • Graphics and Lines
Improve scan results and reduce file size based on the predominant content (page) characteristics.  
  • Black and White
  • Color*
  • Gray (scale)
Improve scan results and reduce file size based on the predominant content (page) characteristics.


  • 75 dpi
  • 150
  • 300*
  • 600
Brightness Change darkness level of text and images.
  • +____
  • _+___
  • __+__*
  • ___+_
  • ____+
Original Size

Change this setting to specify predominant paper size.

This setting greatly affects scan results because the scanner cannot detect original page size.

See illustration below.
Use Multi-Page TIFF

You will never need to change this setting except under rare circumstances.

TIFF – Tagged Image File Format

Checkbox (ON)*
Transmission Log Change this setting to change the default transmission log behavior, which prints a log after each successful or failed e-mail sent from the printer.
  • Print Log*
  • Do not print
  • Print only for error
Background Removal Manually select how much background removal you would like performed on scans.
  • Automatic*
  • Off
  • Minimal
  • Moderate

Increase image sharpness.

Note: Beware of oversaturation, which may result in a worse outcome.

  • +____
  • _+___
  • __+__*
  • ___+_
  • ____+


Click on illustration to enlarge it.


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