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MVP 11.2 Fleet Security Setting Configuration: Additional 'Security Menu at the Device' and 'Security Menu Remotely' Backup/Master Password Implemenation

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Cannot configure masterpassword; Masterpassword will not work


How to configure backup password; How to configure master password; How to configure advanced credentials



This article compliments the article "How to Administer Security Settings to a Fleet of Devices".
Topics covered in this article:

  • - Backup password and master password backup creation for the following access control features: 

    • "Security Menu at the Device"
    • "Security Menu Remotely" (Remote management) 

  • - Improper configuration with use of Advanced Credentials.

  • - Suggested fix for improper configuration.

Purpose of Password (Backup)

Backup Password comes into play when there are some (i.e., one or more) Building Blocks set to the following Access Controls:
  • - Security Menu at the Device
  • - Security Menu Remotely

This is a fail-safe process designed to ensure access to the device when a user becomes unsure of the password used in the building block.
For example, as set on the device, this backup password will allow access to the Security Menu on the printer/printer web
page. You can then reset the original building block password which may have been forgotten.
NOTE: This Backup Password is not for the rest of the menus/options found in access controls. MVP treats the backup password as just
another setting on the device.
Configuration overview:  
Step #1:  Create Building Block > Password > Set to bbpassword*
Step #2:  Create Security Template from Building Block.
Step #3:  Create Access Control "Security Menu at the Device" set to Security Template from Step 2.
Step #4:  Backup Password = "masterpwd"*
* As selected by administrator.
NOTE: After configuration, when trying to access any secure options on the printer, the user has the option to enter the password that
 is specified in the corresponding Template, which is actually specified in a Building Block (bbpassword).
Observation: You can observe the above by trying out a secure menu on the printer which will ask for a password against the name of the template
assigned. You now have a backup password which will allow a user to reset the password concerned. In the above example, entering "masterpwd" lets the user in
to reset the forgotten password.

Critical Configuration Rules under "Access Controls"

Advanced Credentials password from the Task:  Security - Advanced Credentials comes into play when a password is used in the Building Block and is used to create a Security Template.
This security template is then used for any Access Control such as "Remote Management".
To say it another way, the password used at Building Block needs to be entered in the "Security - Advanced Credentials" task to gain access to the device.
Incorrect Configuration overview:
Step#1:  Building Block > Password > Set to "bbpassword"
Step#2:  Security Template created with Building Block from previous step.
Step#3:  Access Control > "Remote Management" set to Security Template from previous step.
Result: Device will show up in RED and block access to the printer if the password "bbpassword" is not set on the "Advanced Credentials"

Suggested fix for "RED" inactive improper password implementation

To get the device back to appearing in black:
  1. Reset the Access Control/s back to No security.
  2. Feed password from Building Block into "Security - Advanced Credentials" task. ( Multiple printers can be selected for this task.)
  3. Reset Access Control/s to required Security Template/s.

WHY? If the password applied at "Backup Password" is entered in the Advanced Credentials area, then the device will NOT be authenticated and
will display in red. This is because the MVP needs the corresponding password used in the building block for a match. 
Furthermore, the observation noted earlier is a derivative of this, where the device shows up in black when the backup password is the same as the
password set in the building block.

Contacting Lexmark

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near a computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one or all of these devices.

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