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How to Reset the Photoconductor Page Count on a Lexmark E260 Printer

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You must reset the photoconductor page count at any time you replace the photoconductor unit. Otherwise, the printer will not register the photoconductor replacement, and it will think that the old photoconductor unit is still installed. The printer will therefore continue to display a Photoconductor (PC) Life Warning message. In addition, once the old, unreset photoconductor page count reaches a certain point, the printer will stop printing and display a Replace Photoconductor or a Photoconductor Exhausted message. 
NOTE: For more information on these error messages and their meaning, see the section labeled Error messages located near the end of this article.



To reset the photoconductor page count:


IMPORTANT! The photoconductor page count should be reset only when a completely new photoconductor kit is installed. Resetting the page count without replacing the photoconductor kit will cause the photoconductor to operate beyond its intended life and create print quality issues or possibly damage the printer.

Step Action


After installing the new photoconductor unit, open the front cover. Leave the printer powered on.




With the front cover open, press and hold the stop/cancel () button.




Eventually all of the lights will begin flashing, indicating that the photoconductor page count has reset. When you see this light sequence, let go of the  button.




Close the front cover. 
NOTE: If you wish to confirm that the photoconductor page count has reset, print a menu settings page.

  1. With the printer at the ready state, press and hold the  button for three seconds.
  2. Release the button, then wait ten seconds for the printer to print.
  3. After ten seconds, the ready () light should begin blinking and the menu settings page(s) should print out.
NOTE: If the printer does not begin printing after ten seconds, try these steps once more.
On the menu settings page(s), look for an entry called PC Kit. If the counter has been reset correctly, the PC Kit should read Ok



Error messages


Photoconductor Life warning indicates that the photoconductor unit is near the end of its functional life and should be replaced soon. This warning is signaled by the  light on with the   light blinking. The recommended action is to replace the photoconductor unit or have an extra one in stock. You can press the  button to clear this message and continue printing.
NOTE: The Toner Alarm feature must be set to On for this message to appear. The factory default setting is Off.
Replace Photoconductor or a Photoconductor Exhausted message indicates that the photoconductor unit has run through its functional life and must be replaced. This warning is signaled by the  light on, with the   and the error (!) lights blinking. You must replace the photoconductor unit and reset the photoconductor page count to clear this message.
IMPORTANT! The printer will stop working once this message appears. You cannot clear it without replacing the photoconductor unit and resetting the photoconductor page count.

Alternate method


If pressing the stop/cancel () button does not reset the photoconductor page count, follow the steps below to enter the printer's Configuration menu and reset the counter there.
Step Action


Power off the printer, then open the front cover.




With the front cover open, press and hold the continue () button.




Power on the printer while keeping the  button pressed down. The lights on the front of the printer will begin to cycle. Keep the  button held down until either the ready () light or the error (!) light remain continuously on for more than a couple of seconds. At that point, let go of the button.




Close the front cover. If you have successfully entered the Configuration menu, four lights should remain on after you close the front cover. They are the , , , and  lights.




Press and release the  button once. All the lights will flash and the printer will print out an Configuration menu page. This page explains how to navigate the Configuration menu.




Use the instructions on this page to locate the photoconductor page count and reset the value.




After you reset the photoconductor page count. Power off the printer. Wait a few seconds, then power the printer on as normal. This should return the printer to the normal printing mode.




If the photoconductor warning messages continue to appear, please contact Lexmark Technical Support or your next level of support for additional assistance.




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