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How to Scan a Document to a USB Flash Drive With the Lexmark X4900 Series Printer

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How to scan a document to a USB flash drive; USB flash drive; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition



This article describes how to scan directly to a USB flash drive when using the Lexmark X4900 series.


Load an original document faceup into the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or facedown on the scanner glass.

  • Do not load postcards, photos, small items, transparencies, photo paper, or thin media (such as magazine clippings) into the ADF.
    Place these items on the scanner glass.

  • Adjust the paper guide on the ADF tray to the width of the original document.

  • When using the scanner glass, close the top cover to avoid dark edges on the scanned image.
From the printer control panel, press the Scan button.
Scan to appears on the display. You can send the scanned image to a computer, flash drive, memory card, or to a computer over a network.
If you choose to send the scanned image to a memory card or flash drive:
Insert the memory device.
Note: Make sure that the memory device is not write-protected.
Press the Up or Down Arrow button until Memory Card or USB Flash Drive is highlighted. Then press OK.
Use the arrow buttons to select the quality and original image size, and then press OK each time you make a selection.
Press the Scan button.
Note: Do not remove the memory device until the menu indicates that the file has been saved.

Still Need Help?
If you require additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need the machine/model type and serial number (SN) of your printer.
Please call from near the computer and printer, in case the technician asks you to perform a task on one or both of these devices. 

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