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How to Remove and/or Avoid a Paper Jam in your Lexmark X5300 & X5400 & X5600 Series All-In-One

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Jam; Paper jam; Paper jammed; Paper stuck; ADF jam; Can't print


How to clear a paper jam; Microsoft Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows 2000


What you will see
  • Paper is jammed in the paper path of the printer or automatic document feeder (ADF).

  • Multiple sheets of paper are being fed through the printer at one time.

What to do

Is the jam in the
paper support?

  1. Press  to turn the printer off.

  2. Firmly grasp the paper, and gently pull it out.

  3. Press  to turn the printer back on.
Is the jam in the Automatic
Document Feeder (ADF)?

  1. Flip open the ADF by grasping the notch in its left side and pulling up.

  2. Firmly grasp the paper, and gently pull it out.

  3. Close the ADF.

  4. Press .
Is the jam in
the printer?

To automatically eject the paper:

  1. Press and hold .

  2. Remove the paper from the paper exit tray.

To manually remove the paper:

  1. Press  to turn the printer off.

  2. Firmly grasp the paper, and gently pull it out.

  3. Press  to turn the printer back on.

NOTE: Check inside the printer to ensure that all the paper is removed. Any small pieces of paper left in the printer will continue to cause paper jams.

Paper or specialty media misfeeds

If paper or specialty media misfeeds or skews, or if multiple sheets feed or stick together, try the following suggestions:
Check paper condition:Use only new, unwrinkled paper.
Check paper loading:

  • Load a smaller amount of paper into the printer.

  • Load paper with the print side facing you. (If you are not sure which side is the printable side, see the instructions that came with the paper.)

See “Loading various paper types” on page 43 in the Users Guide for information about:

  • Maximum loading amounts per paper type

  • Specific loading instructions for supported paper and specialty media
Remove each page as it is printed:Remove each page as it exits the printer, and let it dry completely before stacking.
Adjust the paper guides:
Adjust the paper guides:

  • When using media less than 8.5 inches wide

  • To rest against the edges of the paper or media, making sure it does not buckle


Printer does not feed paper, envelopes, or specialty media

Check for paper jams:Check for and clear any paper jams.
Check media loading:

  • Verify that the specialty media is loaded correctly.

  • Try loading one page, envelope, or sheet of specialty media at a time.

Make sure the printer is
set as the default printer
and is not on hold or paused:


  • in Windows XP Pro: Start  Settings Printers and Faxes.

  • in Windows XP Home: Start Control Panel  Printers and Faxes.

  • in Windows 2000: Start  Settings  Printers.

  • in Windows 98/Me: Start  Settings  Printers.

Double-click the name of your printer.
Click Printer.

  • Make sure no check mark appears next to Pause Printing.

  • Make sure there is a check mark next to Set As Default.

Banner paper jams

Clear banner paper jams:

  1. Press  to turn off the printer.

  2. Remove the jammed banner paper from the printer.
Review the banner printing checklist:

  • Use only the number of sheets needed for the banner.

  • Select the following settings to enable the printer to feed paper continuously without jamming:

    1. With a document open, click File, Print.

    2. Click Properties, Preferences, Options or Setup.

    3. Click the Paper Setup tab.

    4. In the Paper Size area, select Banner.

    5. Select Letter Banner or A4 Banner as the paper size.

    6. Select Portrait or Landscape.

    7. Click OK.

    8. Click OK or Print.

Still have questions?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for service you will need your printer model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.

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