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How to Load Paper into the Integrated/Optional Drawers

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How to load paper into the integrated/optional drawers


To load print materials into any of the standard or optional trays (apart from the multipurpose feeder), follow the instructions below. NOTE: All paper trays are loaded in the same way.

  1. Remove the paper tray (F in the diagram below).
  2. Squeeze the width guide lever and slide the width guide to the far right side of the tray (C = width lever, D = where to squeeze).
  3. Squeeze the length guide lever (A = where to squeeze, B = length lever) and slide the length guide to the correct position for the size of paper you are loading.

  4. Place the paper in the paper tray. The recommended print side should be placed face down for single-sided printing, and face up for double-sided printing.
    Do not fill paper above the paper capacity mark (E).

  5. Squeeze the width guide lever and slide the width guide to the left until it rests lightly against the edge of the paper stack.
  6. Adjust the knob (G) to show the size of the paper that is currently loaded. NOTE: This setting serves as a visual reminder only; it has no effect on the operation of the printer.

  7. Reinstall the tray.

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