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How to Interpret Device Statistics from the Embedded Web Server; A Brief Explanation of Sheets vs. Sides and Picked vs. Printed

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Cannot determine paper jam frequency; Cannot duplex


How to interpret device statistics



The Device Statistics page is not documented anywhere because it should be self-explanatory; however, there may be confusion regarding some of the information.
This article identifies some possible sources of confusion and provides clarification.  

Sheets vs. Sides

"Sheets" refers to physical sheets of media or paper, whereas "sides" refers to printed sides. For example, one sheet of paper can have two  sides of printed output.

Picked vs. Printed

"Picked" refers to paper that has been successfully pulled from an input tray, whereas "printed" refers to paper that actually exited the output bin. 
For example, you can calculate the number of pages jammed in the printer by taking the number of pages picked and subtracting the printed number of pages from that number. In brief:

quantity (#) of pages picked - (minus ) # of pages printed = # of paper jams.

Calculation examples using theoretical numbers:

    • -Picked sheets (2123) - printed sheets (2114) = jammed sheets (9)

    • -Picked sides (2359) - printed sides (2347) = jammed sides (12)

    • -Jammed sides (12) - jammed sheets (9) = jammed duplex sheets (3)

    • -Jammed sheets (9) - jammed duplex sheets (3) = jammed simplex sheets (6)

    • -Total picked sides (2359) - total picked sheets (2123) = total picked duplex sheets (236)

    • -Total printed sides (2347) - total printed sheets (2114) = total printed duplex sheets (233)

    • -Total picked duplex sheets (236) - total printed duplex sheets (233) = total jammed duplex sheets (3)

Contacting Lexmark

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical SupportNOTE: When calling for support you will need your printer machine/model type and serial number.
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician requires you to perform a task on one of these devices.

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